why used?

The Hunt Shop was born out of our desire to find sustainable and unique clothing and accessories at budget-friendly price points. How? 90% of our closet is sourced from local 2nd hand shops. We hunt, clean, and style our finds with complimentary pieces. We love mixing brands, genres, and styles to create one of a kind looks.

The concept was born out of our love – ok, our obsession – with thrifting. We want nothing more than to spend our time diving into bins, scooping up an item with potential, and then transforming or restoring it into something beautiful.

Why? We think it’s fun. No really, we do. We also love a bargain. But most importantly, we want a sustainable shopping alternative in today’s retail environment. Did you know that the fashion industry is the 3rd most polluting in the world? 80 billion garments are produced worldwide requiring 1 trillion gallons of water,  33 trillion gallons of oil and 20 billion gallons of chemicals to produce annually! The enviro impact is HUGE. Americans alone throw away over 14 million tons of textiles per year and over 99% of that clothing thrown away in the US can be recycled or reused. Sadly over 85% ends up in landfills, and some textiles take over 200 years to decompose.

While you can’t ALWAYS buy used, you will be surprised how much you CAN buy used. So, what do we buy? Everything that inspires us! While we have a special place in our heart for vintage or extremely unique items, we don’t discriminate. If it’s cute, it’s cute.

Our style is eclectic. Katie loves neutrals, sporty, and effortless looks. Helen loves to layer and mix patterns with vintage pieces, bright colors, and structured looks. Together we make a great team.

While fashion is our passion, we also love DIY projects, up-cycling, and basically giving new life to anything from a 70s ski sweater to an old chair. Check back often to read about our thrifting adventures, wins, fails, and crazy finds. That’s the skinny on us – click here and tell us about you!

Your favorite thrifters,

Katie & Helen


Image credits: Dustin Johnston Photography