tiny burlap bag

This weird little bag has been sitting in The Hunt Shop inventory for what seems like an eternity. I can’t remember which thrift store I found it nor what I paid for it, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t much.

I love the colors and bold print. It has so much personality, but for some reason it didn’t sell at any of our events or private shopping appointments. So, I decided it was time to keep it for myself, and make it work.

I would love to know who originally purchased this bag and why. Was it a grandma on a cruise ship? Was it a gift that didn’t hit the mark? Who knows. What I do know and love is that I’m probably never going to see anyone else with this bag.

Since it’s pretty specific (to say the least), it’s best to dress around my purse instead of the other way around. I was going for an effortless look, so I kept my outfit simple, but polished.

I’m almost head to toe Hunt Shop in my thrifted Kate Spade peg pants (one of my fav finds for $8!!!), a no name white ‘kleenex’ top ($4), and a green stone drop necklace ($3). My wedges are Marshalls and my short necklace was a gift from the other half of The Hunt Shop – thank you Helen!

So where am I off to? I made the hub take me and my bag out for a little al fresco dining. This outfit was perfect for a breezy summer night where I gorged myself on a delicious and decadent bowl of shrimp and grits and a key lime tart. Cheers!

I encourage you to hunt for similar items at your local thrift store, but if online shopping is more your style…


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