the littlest THS client

It’s flash back Friday, and after a 10 week hiatus to birth a lil babe, I’m back and ready to rejoin the blogging world! My brain still isn’t firing on all cylinders (and may never be fully functional again), but today I feel capable of putting a few sentences together and sharing some pictures of the newest, littlest Hunt Shop client.

Meet John ‘Milo’ Carter! He arrived fashionably late (just like his mama) on March 27th at 8:48pm. He was a full pound heavier than my first, weighing 7 lbs and 14 oz.

These beautiful photos below were taken the day after he was born by Bella Photography. I was initially going to pass on the hospital photos. I brought my fancy camera in my hospital bag – you know I like to DIY that stuff! However, the photog just happened to stop by when my son, Maxwell, was there to meet his little brother. Truth be told, we were unprepared and overwhelmed, but I was too tired to protest the complimentary, mini photo session. The sweet photog spent about 10 min snapping away and then quietly ducked out.

I sort of forgot about the photos thinking that it was a waste of time, and we were unlikely to purchase anything. We went on with the rest of the day staring at our newest addition and trying to squeeze in naps whenever we could. That evening, the photog returned with a slide show on her lap top, and we were goners from the first picture. She managed to capture some magic. My husband and I both teared up as she played a us a slide show. We ordered ALL of the pictures.

SO the moral of this story is DIY is great, but sometimes you just need to leave it to the professionals. Give yourself a break and know when you can’t do it all. A huge thank you to Bella Baby Photography for capturing these special moments.




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