baby blues

Today I’m doing a #MicroFashion post featuring my lil man in his 100% thrifted blue digs. It’s 70,  sunny, and actually feels like Spring today – hallelujah!

I purchase Maxwell’s clothes secondhand whenever I can. He’s growing crazy fast, so things fit him for like a minute. Also, at the wise age of 2, he now has opinions about what he wears. I’m not about to take a chance on a $50 Zara hoodie in case he despises it for some irrational reason.

Did I mention he destroys clothing at an alarming rate? And finally (as if I need another reason) every single kid is rocking Target these days. I’ll admit the Cat & Jack line is super cute. However, I don’t want my kid to be wearing the same thing as every other kid. Not to mention – it’s fast fashion. As Maxwell would say when I try to feed him a bite of yogurt, NOOOOO!

However, going secondhand never means sacrificing style. Sometimes I think the opposite. I end up taking more risks. Just look at this little stud duck hitting the sidewalks of uptown on his new scooter!

Clothing deets: Old Navy light blue pants $3, Carter’s grey safari tee $1, Converse blue chucks $2.5, and Members only inspired navy jacket $6. Total look? $11.50 🙂

PS I’ll be birthing a new micro THS babe over the weekend (yes it’s happening!), so see you in a few weeks! Xo!


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