bumpin’ the 90s

It’s #tbt and lookie who finally posed for a post?! It’s my business partner, Helen, rocking two very stylish looks that look GREAT on her – some 90s inspired thrifted threads aaaaaand a lil baby bump! Yes, there is something in the water at The Hunt Shop…

It’s safe to say our Maternity fashion at THS is STRONG right now. Yet, we barely wear any actual maternity clothing. Why? Because we find much cooler stuff while thrifting like this entire outfit including a legit vintage victorian-esque velvet coat ($8), a Top Shop high low slip dress (or maybe it’s an actual slip? regardless it is very on trend for $3), Banana Republic crew neck tee perfect for layering ($3), and never been worn two-tone Zara booties ($40).

Gone are the days of moo-moos and cutesy dresses with bows on the bellies, and here are the days of dressing like the #coolmom Helen is destined to be. She’s scheduled to welcome her little boo in August, and we can’t wait!

Want to copy this look without the extra hunting work? Check out a similar dress sold at Asos here and coat sold on eBay here.

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