thrifting tip: oversized scarves

Today I’m sharing one of my best tips for hunting oversized scarves. Are you ready? It’s really complicated. Look in the home goods section of the store – more specifically amongst the blankets, table cloths, and cloth placemats. That it! I promise you will come across a beauty sooner or later…most likely sooner. An oversized scarf is basically a blanket, so it’s no wonder it ends up there. An added bonus is that home goods are usually priced lower than accessories. I have hunted so many oversized scarves this way.

An oversized scarf is a great way to add style to what would typically be a boring outfit. Yes, a regular scarf would add some interest, but an oversized scarf is a statement piece and has a wow factor. They are also quite functional especially for traveling. Below are three of my favs that I scooped up for under $10 each.

This first one is a giant cape-poncho style scarf. I searched high and low, but there is no label on this guy.  It’s super cozy, and y’all know I love some grey tones. I found it hanging out amongst the winter blankets. It’s quite similar to a 100% wool Ralph Laurel plaid cape I hunted about a year ago. You can’t see that one because it was purchased from our online closet shortly after we listed it. Byeeeeee.

This next one still oversized, but not quite as aggressive as the poncho. It’s really soft and has a cute black and red pattern. It’s original home is without question Zara. The dead give away is that giant white tag with washing instructions in every language. I found it hanging amongst a bunch of Christmas runners. Merry Christmas to me!

The last one I’m showing you today is a large light-weight cotton scarf. I love it because while oversized, it’s breathable and lays really nicely. It would be great as a beach cover up, or in my case maybe a nursing cover up. It’s originally Target and was hiding with the table cloths.

Have some hunting tips of your own? I’d love to hear them!



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