find of the week: metallic loafers

These silver loafers have added some serious prep to my step (pun intended!) I hunted them last Thursday while doing a quick walk through at my favorite Salvation Army. I do one of these walk throughs about once every 2 weeks. It’s literally a 15-30 minute trip to see if anything catches my eye. You don’t always need 4 hours of digging through every dusty corner of the store to score a find.

It’s not shocking that these shoes jumped right out at me. While they are faux leather and are made by a brand that I have never heard of before, they have great design. Loafers aren’t exactly a new trend (they became an ‘it’ shoe last fall), but this trend is still going strong.

My favorite thing about these bad boys, besides the blinding material, is that they’re light weight and flexible. I’ve tried on many metallic loafers in ‘real’ stores, and they are always really heavy and stiff. Clomping around completely flat footed is never a good look. In these I feel like I can walk like a normal human which is key. I paid $10.99 for them which is fair since they have never been worn.

The one negative is that they are a tad big. To remedy this, I inserted some gel soles. This is one of my favorite tricks to ensure a better fit and add comfort to shoes that aren’t the best quality.

Keeping with the preppy theme, I wore them with a thrifted argyle print men’s Express sweater that I hunted a very long time ago for $4. I don’t often purchase items that were clearly a product of the 2000s, but it’s a silk and cashmere blend i.e. super duper soft. I purchased it optimistically thinking my husband would love it. I was wrong. But, I hung onto it just in case I felt like rocking a preppy slouchy sweater look some day. However, it always seemed a bit too slouchy. If you haven’t noticed, I’m rocking a couple more lbs these days, so I gave it a try, and it actually fits.

To complete the look, I added a thrifted Northface vest that I hunted for $15, because while unseasonably warm, it’s still February in Chicago. I accessorized with the brightest, shiniest items I could find which includes: my Target mirror aviators and cz studs, and thrifted sterling silver leaf and initial necklaces. My purse is a thrifted Zara cross body that picks up the brown in the sweater. Hair in a top knot, because ain’t nobody got time for a blow out on a Sunday.

If you’re looking for a similar pair of shiny shoes check out these or these. Have a great week everyone!

Xo, Katie

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