2017 trends + v day outfit inspo

This morning I did some research on what the cool kids are going to be wearing in 2017. I compiled my favorites and put a valentine’s day spin on them, because that’s the next time I plan on wearing something other than yoga pants:)

The FLASH DANCE SHOULDER is the most casual – perfect for a take out and Netflix kind of night. All you need a slinky top or bralette and slouchy sweater slouchy enough to bare some collar bone and a peek of lacey goodness. I rescued this vintage polka dot lacey crop from a sad thift store bin for just $1.

The CORSET top look is up next and perfect for a single awareness party. I’ll admit that this look is harder to pull off, but V day seems like the perfect time to try out undergarments outside your clothing. I thrifted this floral ASOS one for $6.

MIX PRINTS is the next trend. Actually, I didn’t realize this wasn’t always a trend, but whatever. I guess it’s really in this year. This playful look is perfect for a classic dinner date. If you’re not confident with your mixology skills, a fool proof approach is to stripes with basically anything that isn’t stripes. I ADORE this girlie bright pink high-low skirt with tiny white hearts that I thrifted for $7.

Apparently YELLOW is going to be huge this year. This is a monochromatic look highlighting this sunny color. It’s probably my favorite out all the looks today. A classic trench coat (also very in this year, but again did it ever really go out?) tones it down just a tad. I scored this ombre sweater and pleated yellow at Unique Thrift for $10.

Now pucker up buttercup! Xo!